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Barre Tone Training in Bristol

Barre Tone training from Luxe Fitness gym in Bristol targets many of your muscles in the key body areas including the arms, legs as well as the core. Using a few simple props as well as your own body weight, it will ensure that you see positive physical effects.

Barre Tone is a low impact class which combines elements of Pilates, Resistance and Barre training. No previous experience is required to enjoy this exercise, making it accepting of all fitness and ability levels.

Barre Tone training offers many great benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Get stronger and leaner
  • Improve core strength
  • Improve functional strength
  • Tone your body

Barre Tone training is ideal for anyone looking to build up their muscles without bulking up by using a low impact workout. This also means the workout has less strain on your ligaments and tendons, like some workouts can. 

This method of training helps you lose weight while maintaining muscle mass and strength. It enables a more sustained increase in metabolism, allowing your body to burn calories, helping to reduce cellulite as well as weight. 


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