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Circuit training in Bristol

Circuit training classes from Luxe Fitness gym in Bristol remains one of the most popular gym classes in existence, even after its conception over 60 years ago. This is a classic form of exercise which is tough but highly rewarding as well as constantly motivating. Circuits combine resistance based exercises with endurance training to offer a highly effective, high-intensity aerobic conditioning class.

Each and every muscle in your body is targeted in this class which incorporates some modern and traditional exercises. While this is a tough class due to the short recovery periods and the rapid movements, it is still extremely fun.

Circuit training offers many different benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase muscular strength and endurance
  • Challenge your whole body
  • A great way to stay active and meet new people
  • Burn lots of calories
  • Get maximum results in minimum time

We find many people are unsure of the difference between circuit and HITT training, HIIT uses maximum effort and some workouts can be done in less than 7 minutes, whereas circuit allows you to go at your own pace. You can also combine cardio and strength workouts within your circuit training to make things even more interesting and tailored to you. Find a suitable circuit training class with Luxe Fitness today.

Circuits can be enjoyed by everyone from intermediate exercisers to beginners and more. These workouts really get your heart pumping and blood flowing, as well as increasing your muscle mass and strength. Whilst you improve your muscle strength you will also burn unwanted fat in just a short space of time. You can look to do circuit exercises anywhere from 2-3 times a week or combine it with other fun workouts such as body pump or a sprint class for even better and faster results.

The best thing about circuit training is that it will help you to reach your fitness goals regardless of what they may be. This is because a fitness circuit consists of a round of exercises which are performed in a row or one after another which are include whatever you want to focus on. You can work on strength as well as high-intensity fat burning exercises in the same circuit. As you’re working on multiple activities on every different station, you won’t get bored easily with this fabulous class. You can expect to build your heart up and strength all your core muscles at the same time. Circuit training is ideal for anyone looking to get quick results through shaping and toning their muscles, improving their cardiovascular system and burning calories fast.

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