dance step aerobics training

dance step Training in Bristol

Dance Step training provides a high intensity lower body workout that perfectly blends traditional step aerobics with energetic dance moves. Burn calories, improve your cardiovascular system and sculpt your legs and glutes whilst having fun!


Some of the benefits to Dance Step are:

  • Energise your body
  • Improve aerobic fitness and co-ordination
  • Burn some serious calories
  • All using only a step

Burn calories, build muscle strength and improve your cardiovascular system with this great and fun full body workout.

Although the workout is classes as high-intensity there wont be any added pressure or stress on your joints, making this an ideal cardio class. To book a Dance Step training class with us please join us today!

What makes this workout special is the combination of high-intensity step aerobics training with dance. Dancing alone has multiple health advantages such as improving your endurance levels and your coordination. Step Aerobics training is an intense but energetic cardio workout so you can expect to burn anywhere from 400-600 calories in a one-hour session. It’s known to help keep fat off the belly and waistline too!

People love this class for its upbeat energy, motivational tunes and the positivity it brings. You’ll dance and step away alongside like-minded exercisers and professional personal trainers who will inspire you.

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