Here at Luxe fitness, we have some of the best fitness classes Bristol has to Offer. We want everybody to feel welcome at our gym so if you are not the most confident or you have not been to a gym before we want to talk to you. Our fitness classes in Bristol are friendly, fun and tailored to your needs. You can do as little or as much as you want. We pride ourselves on being a non judgemental friendly gym establishment where everyone is welcome whether you are used to going to the gym or if you are brand new to fitness you are welcome through our doors. 


The gym here offers friendly trainers and staff so we are able to help you if you are not confident with the gym equipment or if you have not addended a fitness class in Bristol before. All our staff are fully trained and approachable. We offer one to one training, floor walkers to help you with the equipment in the gym if you are new to fitness and the equipment, we can help you in using the equipment properly to gain the best results Most of all we want you to have fun with your fitness journey and your confidence to increase. This means that our fitness classes in Bristol are perfect for the new gym comer and we have a fantastic range of classes to choose from. Click here to find out more about our fitness classes in Bristol.


Spin Classes: We off a variety of spin classes at Luxe which is using a bike to burn calories and give a fantastic cardio workout. There are various intensity levels in a spin class and your instructor will guide you and show you the ropes. We can advise which ine would be best for starting out and build up from there.


Body Pump and Body Combat: Full body work outs which are high intensity and help burn calories fast. The instructors will guide you with any equipment used and you can go as fast or slow as you like, this is your fitness class in Bristol and you can do as little or as much of the workout as you like. 


GRIT: GRIT classes focus on cardio and strength they are aimed at focusing on specific areas with fully qualified instructors to guide you through every step 


Core: Core classes work on exactly what it says your core, this is a main focus for many who are just starting out on increasing fitness as a strong core helps in all aspects of other fitness and conditioning.


Body Balance: This is a fantastic class for beginners which helps with strengthening and stretching and also helps to focus the mind and relaxes you.


Zumba: A dance-based work out focussing on fun in exercise, perfect if you are not so confident as everyone is learning the moves as the dances vary every class#


Circuits: Circuits focus on specific exercises in a routine and are led by the instructor who will show you exactly what to do 


Ab Blast: A quick fast paced stomach work out which gives results fast if you keep at it. 


These are jsut a snippet of the fitness classes in Bristol we offer so if you are new to the gym scene or returning or looking for something new please do contact us we would love to hear from you. The main thing is to enjoy yourself and don’t forget everybody started their fitness journey somewhere.