Whether you’re a beginner or a frequent spin class taker, there are so many health and fitness advantages to indoor cycling. In one single spin class you could burn anything from 400-600 calories, making it a great workout for weight loss. The fact it’s a low-impact cardio workout really helps people with existing injuries and lowers the risk of injuries too. This is because there’s less pressure on the joints compared to other cardio workouts that are high impact like running. Although it’s a low-impact workout, spinning doesn’t compromise on the intensity or cardio element so you’re sure to get sweaty and burn fat quickly.

As you get to choose the intensity, spinning is ideal even for beginners. You can go faster or slower and you can adjust the resistance level of your spin bike anywhere from low to high. With time you can increase the intensity and resistance as you improve and become fitter, pushing your limits even further with every class. People love the different spin class options to choose from including Les Mills Sprint, RPM and The Trip. If you want to know more about these classes, please visit our post on Your Guide to Indoor Les Mills Cycling.

Les Mills RPM classes at Luxe Fitness Gym in Bristol, an award-winning gym with a Virtual Indoors Cycling Studio

So, whether this is your first indoor cycling class or not, you will want to get the most out of your spin class. There are a number of things you can do each session to make sure you get maximum benefits and results from every workout.

  1. Arrive early to your class

This is so you can prepare properly and make sure your bike is set up correctly. There will always be an instructor in our spin studio to help you but just for your own safety, check the seat is at the right height for you.

  1. Standard checks to make on your spin bike

You want the seat to be at the same height as your hip bone and the handle bars to be level with it, if they’re too high it’ll make the work out really difficult and you can hurt yourself. If you’re a beginner you might want to put the handle bars up a little higher until it feels comfortable for you. I would also suggest you check the resistance on the bike is at the right level to begin with, throughout the exercise you can always adjust this to increase the intensity.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

Decide how often you want to take a class by determining what results you want to see. If its rapid results and fast weight loss then you might want to take 2-3 spin classes a week. Don’t go too hard to soon, ease your way into the first class and see if you genuinely like it. If it’s something you’re getting enjoyment from then your goals will be easier to achieve and you’re more likely to do regular cycling in and outdoors.

  1. Pre-book a class

When we have commitments were more likely to show up and carry them through as opposed to trying from home and being distracted. If you pre-book a class and schedule it into your week then you can set aside specific time to it without missing it or getting caught up with other things. It also helps you to be more efficient, less stressed and active by having your week planned and in order.

  1. Get yourself a heart rate monitor

Another benefit of HIIT Step is it can lower your blood pressure - Photo byMockup Graphics on Unsplash

You can attach them to your spin bike to help you determine the level of intensity you should be training at. To do this you need to work out first what your maximum heart rate is by taking away your age from 220 if you’re a man or 226 if you’re a lady. Fat burning takes place when your heart rate is at around 65-75% of your maximum.

  1. Choose a spin class with music

Exercise is easier when we work out to music we like as it makes us train harder and releases endorphins into our bodies. Certain spin classes like RPM by Les Mills, specifically selects tracks based on their beats per minute which match your movements and their uplifting energy. The energetic music will have you increasing your intensity levels where you’ll want to really go for it.

If you’re thinking about trying a spin class for the first time, visit our spin zone page to find out more details on how these workouts can benefit you. You can also find out what spin classes are available inside our state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio in Bristol. If you would like to book or enquire about our classes, get in touch with us today.