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HIIT STEP Workout in Bristol

HIIT STEP training from Luxe Fitness gym in Bristol is our hardest class… ever! This exercise is new and was developed by individuals who have worked with Team GB. The expertise that went into the creation of HIIT STEP has ensured that it is a hugely effective workout. Lasting 30-minutes, this class uses only bodyweight and a step, burning fat and calories fast.

HIIT STEP training offers many great benefits. Here are just a few:

  • The workout designed to get you seriously fit
  • Improve power, speed, agility, co-ordination and endurance
  • Burn some serious calories
  • All using only a step

Using the principles of HIIT, calories are able to burn from a higher metabolism, which can lasts for hours after exercise.

HIIT Step training can overall improve your health and fitness in a short amount of time as well as reducing body fat, heart rate and blood pressure.

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A study shown that HIIT was found to be 9 times more effective in losing weight than a steady-state cardio workout. It is also said that regular HIIT step workouts will increase your ability to perform other more vigorous HIIT workouts better and more easily.

There is no surprise as to why HIIT Step is a multi-award-winning workout, as it provides amazing results in a short space of time. It’s also super fun even though the workout is challenging, you will enjoy the heat and burn of HIIT Step. You will find yourself fully immersed with the music and your surroundings in our state-of-the-art 24-hour gym.

So, if you’re looking for a fat-burning, intense workout that does not compromise on enjoyment, our HIIT Step workouts in Bristol are for you! Join our ever-growing members and become part of the Luxe Fitness team today with access to over 100 classes.

A HIIT Step workout uses the advantages and benefits of HIIT training and incorporates them into a step aerobic style class. You can expect to use a variety of different exercises and moves such as lunges, steps and jumps. Although a lot of the moves are lower-body based using mainly your legs, the HIIT Step workout works your core and upper-body too, making it a fantastic full body workout. The complex exercises involved with a HIIT Step class will increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness to provide you with lean, toned muscle mass. 

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