keeping you safe

Our main aim is the safety of our staff and members, however we’d like things to remain as normal as possible and for you to feel comfortable in the club. Here’s a few measures we’ve put in place alongside government guidelines:



Class numbers will be capped to 10 people in the studio and 11 in the spin studio. Each space will be designated with a personal zone.

If you cannot attend a class, please cancel your booking in advance, due to the limited capacity. You cannot cancel within the 3 hours before a class.

Bear in mind there could be a queue when checking into the club, so when attending a class we’d recommend arriving 10 minutes prior and warming up on the cardio machines before heading up to the studio.

Arrive at the class studio on time, not early as there will be no waiting area.

Strength training from Luxe Fitness Bristol


Our opening times will be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as usual. We will be staffed between 6am and 9pm in the week and 9am – 5pm at the weekend. We have an overnight monitoring team who will be paying close attention to ensure that all members are complying with the measures we’ve put in place.


The club capacity will follow the government guidelines. There will be no need to book in for your session as our staff will be monitoring club capacity; if capacity is reached, we will operate a 1 in, 1 out system. We do not expect this to happen very often, however if it does it is likely to be between 5:30pm and 7pm. We ask all members to aim to keep their training sessions at 75 minutes or below during peak times, to allow fair usage of the club.

Changing rooms

Whilst the changing rooms and showers are still open, we ask members to be courteous to other members using the facilities and remain considerate of personal space.

how you can help us

Here are a few additional things which you can do where possible, to help things run smoothly:
• Check the club capacity before attending and use your own judgement as to whether you’d like to come and train
• Arrive and leave in your gym clothes
• Leave belongings at home
• Shower at home or work
• Do your hair and make-up at home or work
• Keep your distance from other members and Luxe staff
• Wipe down equipment before and after use
• Sanitise and wash hands regularly throughout your session
• Please do not wear gloves
• Avoid loitering next to equipment – perform your sets and move on

we look forward to seeing you back in the club 🙂


Strength training from Luxe Fitness Bristol