post-natal training

Post-Natal Training in Bristol

A class designed to build muscle, strength and balance to support your return to exercise, led by a qualified post-natal instructor.

Focusing on the pelvic floor and deep core muscles whilst having fun and meeting other Mums.

Safe for 6 weeks post natal and 12 weeks post C-Section, with GP sign-off essential.

  • Rebuild your core
  • Learn how to return to exercise safely
  • Improve and regain muscular strength

Our highly qualified trainers will guide you step by step through the class, working at your pace but also motivating you and pushing you to reach your goals. Our post-natal classes will have you bouncing back to your pre-baby weight in no time, helping your overall health and fitness whilst flourishing your confidence so you can feel like the amazing mum that you are! 

Whether you were a regular fitness fanatic before your pregnancy or you’re just looking to begin a new exercise regime, our post-natal training classes will get you off to the best possible start of losing weight. 

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