power yoga classes

Power Yoga in Bristol

Our Power Yoga classes are full body, fitness-based Vinyasa practices.

In this class, you will flow through traditional yoga postures to help build strength, improve focus and increase stamina and flexibility.

Finishing with relaxation, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and calm the mind.

  • Improve your flexibility
  • Focus your mind
  • Bring your body into a state of harmony and balance
  • Create a lasting sense of wellbeing and calm

This form of Yoga is an adaption from Ashtanga Yoga, but holds the same qualities and benefits such as improving strength and well-being. Power Yoga builds heat throughout the workout which helps to open up the skins pores, which makes you sweat out any bad toxins in your body. It is known for being more intense than traditional yoga as it focuses more on building strength rather than the meditation element of normal yoga. 

Power Yoga not only burns calories but increases muscle mass which leads to a boost in metabolism. This type of yoga also helps you to build a strong and healthy mind by reducing stress and improving your focus. After our class you will feel replenished, relaxed and accomplished. 

If you’re looking for something a little less intense and heated, but you still would like to improve your flexibility and strength, you could try our Pilates class




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