One workout that’s been increasing in popularity during lockdown due to the online availability from Les Mills on Demand and virtual classes offered by gyms is Body Combat.

It’s a cardio workout that uses a form of non-contact exercises and martial arts moves which involves high kicks, jumps and punches. People are loving this workout as it allows them to take it at their own pace, you can choose the intensity level of every move whilst having fun at the same time.

Body combat classes at Luxe Fitness Gym in Bristol

As we already have a body combat workout page dedicated to the benefits and techniques used, we have asked a member who regularly takes on this exercise to find out their opinion so you have a personal review on body combat. Me personally, I find reviews a fantastic way to determine whether or not the workout is going to be any good, how difficult it is and if I think I’ll enjoy it. We asked this member to not hold back and to tell us the good and the bad of body combat.

How often do you do body combat?

In a usual week I would do a combat on demand class three times a week.

What’s your favourite thing about this workout?

The high energy, the music makes it really easy to get into the workout straight away. The trainers are so enthusiastic and explain the moves so it’s easy to follow.

The BB on demand give so many options from length of class to which part of the body to concentrate on so you not just doing the same workout each time.

Do you feel like it’s difficult compared to other Les Mills exercises?

No because you can tailor make it to your ability. It’s more difficult than Comcast because of the moves but the complexity makes the time go so quickly as you have to concentrate on your technique.

How quickly did you notice the benefits of body combat?

It great for building up endurance, I felt fitter after 2 weeks.

Do you prefer doing body combat at home or in the gym?

I prefer at home workouts now since lockdown. I still feel like I push myself even working out alone.

Do you feel like you’ve lost weight or gained muscle from this workout?

Both, however I try to eat a healthy diet but combat certainly helps with muscle gain.

Would you recommend body combat for a beginner?

Definitely, it’s for all abilities, and seeing your progress is a great incentive.

Is there anything you don’t enjoy about body combat?

No, it’s a full body workout with great music to get you motivated.

Join us for body combat!

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