Spin Classes

Spin Classes In Bristol

Set on the stage of a historic theatre, our virtual group cycling studio combines world-leading fitness programs with pumping sound and motivation from some of the best instructors on the planet.

Whether you are training your cardio peak in RPM, smashing out a high intensity in Sprint or enjoying the fully immersive sensory experience that is The Trip, our group spin classes are sweaty, heart pumping, calorie burning workouts. Ride on the flats and up hills whilst being motivated by great music!

Group cycling is perfect for everyone. Members are able to control the resistance and pedal speed, creating just the right intensity for their own preferences.

  • Les Mills Sprint, RPM and The Trip
  • Virtual, immersive experience
  • Range of intensities to suit all abilities
  • Classes all day and evening

If you’re looking to lose weight you should know that one spinning class alone can burn at least 500 calories. Indoor cycling helps to shed the unwanted pounds whilst building and improving your physical and cardiovascular fitness.

It’s also just as important to maintain a healthy mind, virtual classes will give you the boost you need to combat the day! Keep your mind, body and immune system healthy, Join us today to book a virtual session with our spin studio.

Our spin classes are jam packed with fun exercises that will help to motivate you throughout the entire workout. Spin classes have never been as lively before, with like minded members and dedicated professional trainers, we will have you reaching your fitness goals in the most enjoyable and fastest way possible.

The great benefit of taking a spin class is that you don’t need to have done it before as you can adjust the intensity on your spin bike. It’s a cardio workout so you’ll need some level of fitness but you can choose what resistance you want to train at, working your way from low to a harder level as you get better with every class. A spin class is a low impact workout so it’s easier on the joints compared to harder impact workouts which makes it suitable for people of all ages. Cycling and spinning can also reduce ageing processes whilst rejuvenating the immune system! Taking regular spin classes will help to preserve muscle mass and strength as you age whilst maintaining stable levels of body fat and cholesterol.

A spin class is a super-fun way to keep fit and healthy by improving your cardiovascular fitness levels, reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart disease and helps to maintain your mental health and well-being which is just as important. Our energetic spin classes in Bristol will have you motivated and thriving, you’ll feel hooked just after one class where you can’t wait until the next one!

Spin cycling classes Bristol