step aerobics training

Step Aerobics Training in Bristol

Step Aerobics training combines high intensity rhythmic aerobic exercises with stretching and strength training involving a low elevated platform, the step. Some of the benefits to step aerobics are:

  • Energise your body
  • Improve aerobic fitness and co-ordination
  • Burn some serious calories
  • All using only a step

Burn calories, build muscle strength and improve your cardiovascular system with this great and fun full body workout.

Although the workout is classes as high-intensity there wont be any added pressure or stress on your joint, making this an ideal cardio class. To book a step aerobic training class with us please join us today!

It’s recommended that as adults we do at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise every week. As Step Aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise, you can do it everyday if you like! This class will build your strength but if you’re looking to really challenge yourself you can include light weights that will work on the muscles in your arms, shoulders and back. Or you can choose from our other strength classes to mix up your weekly exercise routine and get the most from our fitness gym in Bristol.

Step aerobics workout is a fantastic class for those looking to burn calories fast and reduces fat quickly through intense cardio exercises. You’ll see significant improvements to your strength as the moves in step aerobics workout targets the muscles in your legs, upper body and core. By targeting your it helps to improve not only your strength but also your flexibility, balance and coordination.

Step aerobics workout has also been proven to improve your cardiovascular fitness as your heart rate is increased which helps the blood to pump around the body more easily. When your cardiovascular system is improved, you can perform better and stronger for longer. This then helps to manage blood pressure and the risk of diabetes.

Another benefit of step aerobics is that it helps to promote bone health by increasing the bone strength which can reduce the risk of injuries and health issues later in life. In a nutshell, step aerobics workout offers multiple health benefits, from losing weight to promoting strength and strong bones. It’ll keep your mental well-being in a positive state as your brain releases happy endorphins and you’ll meet like-minded individuals who can support you and give you motivation. There isn’t one reason we can think of as to why you shouldn’t join our fun and inspiring step aerobics class in Bristol today!

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