Strength Training

Strength training in Bristol

Looking to improve your strength? Trying to develop some additional power? Or maybe you are just looking to improve your overall physical conditioning? Whatever your goals, we’ve got your back. Our extensive range of freeweight equipment will help you elevate your personal best to new heights.

Our range of fixed strength machines are perfect for all levels of ability and provide users with instructions on both technique and safety. For those looking for a little extra, our upper level training space is equipped with some hi tech equipment alongside some of the old time classics. We have four lifting platforms along with squat rack, squat rack power cage, Olympic bench press, cable crossover, functional cable machine and a full range of dumbbells. 

  • Olympic Lifting Platforms
  • Squat Racks 
  • Olympic Bench Press
  • Functional Cable Machine
  • Full Strength Range

By combining multiple pieces of equipment you can focus on all key areas of your body that you wish to build in strength, rather than one at a time. Strength training will help to increase your joint flexibility, muscle mass and reduces the risk of fractures. 2-3 strength workouts a week can really result in a significant improvement in health.

If you’re really up for a challenge why not combine strength training along with one of our other workout zones such as cardio or HIIT? This will help to boost your fitness level quicker and get you faster weight loss results, as the more effort you put in, the more you will get out.


Strength training from Luxe Fitness Bristol