From a simple search on Google, you can find a list of benefits of a HIIT Step workout but none that really explain them in detail. Most of the answers tend to be short and sometimes biased depending on whose wrote them, without giving you the full information you need. Having the benefits listed in detail will help you to decide whether or not HIIT Step is the right workout for you.

In this post I’d like to list the key benefits of HIIT Step so you can decide if this workout has too much or too little training and whether there are enough benefits for you to want to commit fully to it.

  1. Time Saving

HIIT Step saves you time compared to other cardio workouts - Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Step workouts can actually save you time compared to other exercises as they burn the calories in half of the time. According to the NHS, we should be undertaking at least 1 150-minute aerobic exercise per week such as cycling or fast-paced walking, combined with two strength exercises that work your major muscles.

High-intensity interval training increases the heart rate and burns fat rapidly in just a short space of time, meaning you only need to do 10-30 minutes of HIIT Step per week to see the same results, if not better!

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

Another benefit of HIIT Step is it can lower your blood pressure - Photo byMockup Graphics on Unsplash

Known to reduce your blood pressure therefore decreasing the risk of getting heart disease, HIIT Step has been known to help those who suffer from high blood pressure. Successful and positive results were seen in those who performed the workout regularly over the course of 2 months. Not only does it improve your cardiovascular fitness and burns calories, but helps your blood to flow by increasing your heart rate in high intervals by using more oxygen consumption.

  1. Lose Weight

Most people who wish to begin exercise are usually looking to burn fat and lose weight. HIIT is proven to burn calories by keeping your heart rate up in intervals which also burns fat long after the workout has ended. HIIT Step which involves using bodyweights and a step, can effectively burn up to 9 times more unwanted fat than a standard steady-speed cardio workout!

  1. Increase muscle mass

HIIT Step is known to increase lean muscle mass in the body, especially your legs and arms as you’re using a weight and step throughout the workout. It will tone and define your muscles, giving you a great shape. Although HIIT step burns calories, and your main goal is to lose weight, it makes you stronger and increases your endurance. As the NHS recommended two strength workouts per week alongside aerobic exercise, HIIT Step combines both into one workout.

  1. Increases your endurance and metabolism

Read the benefits of HIIT Step classes and how they can help you, by Luxe Fitness Gym in Bristol

HIIT Step workouts can build your endurance levels more than other moderate exercises can due to the high-intensity interval training format is uses. By building you heart rate up with short periods of rest in between this can accelerate your endurance so you can perform for longer periods of time. It also boosts your metabolism in the exact same way. While your body is in a period of rest you will still burn calories at a much quicker rate compared to a moderate exercise.

If you have any more questions regarding HIIT Step workouts, visit our HIIT Step page for more information or sign up today to get access to HIIT Step classes in Bristol available from the 12th of April at our 24-hour gym, Luxe Fitness Gym.