Trainer Demelza talks us through her lockdown experience:

How are you doing and how is your training going?
So I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant, being pregnant in a pandemic is less than ideal but I have found that keeping a routine and sticking to my training has really helped with the mental struggles. Training is going good! I have a few bits of equipment and I train in my garage. I have one kettlebell, one set of dumbbells and a box and some bands. I have been training around 4 x per week and going on daily walks! 

What is the most challenging thing about being in lockdown in terms of fitness / working out?
I suppose it would be not having as much variety of equipment and not having a proper space for working out. You definitely need to motivate yourself to workout more when it doesn’t feel like a workout space. 

What advice can you give to others that are struggling with their fitness journey throughout this time?
I would say set yourself some little goals for each week and even each day. For example, ‘I am going to do 30 minutes of exercise a day’, now that could be walking or weights or bodyweight training – whatever you enjoy! Make sure the goal is realistic for you and your circumstances. There’s nothing more demotivating than having goals that are too far out of reach, it is much better to be realistic and surpass your expectations than to fall short.
I also can’t stress how important walking is for your mind and body. It’s so simple but really does make all the difference. Try and get out for a walk earlier in the day so you feel more energised and then any other exercise is a bonus!

A day in the life of lockdown:
Okay so this does vary sometimes because with pregnancy you do have up and down days. Sometimes I’ve not slept at all or I just don’t feel great and have to rest more but here is a typical day.

Get up and make breakfast/coffee (I always have Greek yogurt, fruit and granola it’s my fave)

Check in with online clients, make any programme adjustments etc

Either get out for a walk usually 45-60 mins or train in the garage 45-60 mins 

Make lunch and relax 

Study time (I am studying for my pre and post natal coaching certificate) for around 2-3 hours 

If I trained in the morning I’ll go for a walk or if I haven’t trained yet I’ll do this now. If it’s a rest day then chill!

Dinner time! 

Watch tv/Netflix