So what exactly is body pump class at the gym?

Body pump is a Les Mills workout which focusses on weight loss and toning. The class is a group class led by an instructor and conducted to high energy music.

Although everyone in the class follows the lead of the instructor you can choose you own weights meaning it is adaptable to your level of fitness. Each of the exercises can be adapted to lower or higher strength meaning that beginners do not feel intimidated. Always remember its your class and workout and what matters is what you are doing and feel not the people around you.

What do you do in Body Pump class?

A Body Pump class is rather high energy and high impact and gives you a whole-body work out. Each session includes around 1000 reps over 55 minutes over 10 specially selected songs. The usual format of a pump class is as follows;

– Warm-up

– Squats

– Chest

– Back

– Triceps

– Biceps

– Lunges

– Shoulders

– Abs/core

– Cool-down

The class is instructor led and your instructor will ensure that you are able to follow the class and carry out the exercises safely and correctly. The fitter you get the higher weights you will be able to use meaning that you will tone more and burn more calories as you get used to the moves.

What are the benefits of Body Pump?

Body Pump is a fabulous workout for experienced and beginners alike. Some of the benefits are;

– Up to 500 calories burnt each class

– Total body workout

– Great for weigh loss

– Builds muscle

– Tones and shapes the body

– Increases core strength

– Improves bone health

– Fantastic cardio work out

– Anyone can take part

– Challenging

– Helps with mental health

– Easy to follow

If you fancy giving our Body Pump classes a try or just want to find out more information, contact one of our friendly team here at Luxe to discuss in more detail or book a class.