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Yoga classes in Bristol

Many people underestimate the power that yoga classes can have on working out your entire body. However, this full body yoga workout will make you think otherwise!

Yoga is well known for its ability to distress and unwind, but when you put the right poses together into a flowing sequence, you can create a powerful routine that strengthens and tones your entire body, challenges your endurance and can aide in weight loss as well.

  • Improve your flexibility
  • Focus your mind
  • Bring your body into a state of harmony and balance
  • Create a lasting sense of wellbeing and calm

Yoga is a fantastic choice of exercise because everyone can do it, though you will find your Yoga pros, typically whether your new or not it can be taught and learned well. You will find the more you practice the better you get, the more flexible and easy the routine becomes, allowing your breath to flow into sync with each pose.

As your body becomes more attune to flexibility, your mind follows releasing stress, anxiety and negativity so by the end of the class you feel replenished, calm and peaceful. To improve your fitness and well-being book one of our yoga classes today!

Our Yoga classes in Bristol are designed to improve your core strength and bring peace and harmony to your body and mind. We welcome people of all ages and levels to join us in our yoga classes where we can work on improving your flexibility and muscle strength together in a peaceful surrounding.

Yoga focuses on stretching the muscles combined with a pattern of breathing work which helps to focus and calm the mind which releases stress and tension in the body. With every inhale and exhale your body softens into the workout, relaxing your whole body. Overtime, your ability to concentrate will become much greater along with your flexibility, where the positions you found to be difficult at the start have become easier as you melt into the movements.

Yoga is regarded as one of the best forms of exercises to manage stress and detoxify the mind and body. On one side you have mental clarity and relaxation and on other you have physical benefits that include toned muscles and more definition, flexibility, agility and less aches and pains. Take the stress away and let your whole body relax with our Yoga Bristol classes at Luxe Fitness Gym.

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