Natasha Holli

Personal Trainer, Pre & Post-Natal Specialist

From fitness model to fitness fanatic; born and bred Bristolian Natasha will give you nothing short of a “proper” PT experience. Wellness is the goal and she’ll be right there on your crusade with you. Want to build, sculpt and tone your body? No problem, her love of weight training will do just that. She’ll push you to your limits and then some. Raw, real and reliable Natasha’s comprehensive approach will ensure you’ve got all bases covered. Her zest for coaching focuses on not only form, technique and undeniable results but what she believes is the key to continued success and a new lifestyle – enjoyment!


Favourite juice bar smoothie: Berry Burst

You’ll see me watching: Nothing in particular just generally falling into YouTube holes


You’ll see me listening to: Pola & Bryson and pretty much anything Drum & Bass